Sarah Holland, Magical Moments Vacations
Travel Advisor

Sarah is an expert at creating the perfect vacation for you and yours.

Sarah is an authorized travel advisor with Magical Moments Vacations, and has been working in the travel industry since 2018. Sarah is based out of Huntington, West Virginia and works with clients around the United States.

Dreaming of a magical destination?
Sarah is an expert in creating your delightful vacations.

Whether it's a family trip, solo traveler, or friends' getaway, Sarah can help you create the most memorable Disney destination trip for you and yours. Let her add some magic to your stay.

Why Book with a Travel Advisor?
Travel Advisors give peace of mind
  • Travel advisors complete yearly training to stay up-to-date on your destinations
  • Some people call us Travel Agents - others, just their favorite travel BFF
  • We monitor what is going on with your destinations, so you'll always be prepared for your trip
  • Your travel advisor cares about your trip and happiness - we support vacations for all!
  • Booking with a travel advisor can even save you money - as they work with your destination to provide you the best way to vacay.
  • When things go awry - weather or other issues preventing you from traveling, your travel advisor works with your destination to rebook or modify your trip on your behalf.
  • We can provide education on your destination and answer questions personalized to your travel party